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Screenwriting Tricks for Authors Workshop Now Online!

Supercharge your writing process and write your best book or script—by using the storytelling tricks of your favorite movies.

I’ve taken my Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshop online this year. Join me for videos, assignments, live and online discussion, and movie watching, to help you brainstorm and write your first book—or your best book yet.

The workshop is divided in four parts, to take you through the journey of your book or script in stages. That way every writer in each part of the course is at the same level, using the same language and tackling the same story challenges—so we can do the deep work on our books or scripts.

And you only pay for what you’re using!

New Year’s Special—half price!
Buy Part One, $49 

You also have the option of joining a private Writers’ Room for individualized feedback and small group coaching.

I run my longer in-person workshops like a TV writers’ room. Everyone in one of those workshops is working on everyone else’s stories: learning from them, getting invested in them, raising the bar for everyone involved. And that’s the creative crucible that I’m creating online, because I think it’s the fastest and deepest way to improve your writing (and mine!).

New Year’s Special—half price!
Buy Part I Writers’ Room, $49

The way you truly master your writing craft, and give yourself a foundation for a full-time, profitable lifetime career, is to practice story ALL THE TIME. You’re going to get just as much out of brainstorming on other people’s stories as you will from working on your own, and have much more fun doing it.

Buy Part Two, $99

Buy Part Three, $99 Requires instructor approval

Questions about the workshop? Email me!

Help me develop the Huntress TV series!

My producers and I are looking for feedback on the books as we develop the Huntress TV show. Answer the questionnaire here and be entered in an exclusive drawing for a full set of signed paperbacks or audiobooks!

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