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Stealing Hollywood has transformed the way I write my books. Whenever another author is struggling with their plot, I tell them to buy a copy. I can’t recommend it enough.”
—Bestselling author Cally Taylor
“Sokoloff’s advice is spot-on, and her teaching style is direct and effective. A must-have book for authors and screenwriters.”
—JA Konrath, bestselling author of A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing
“Alex is a gifted and generous teacher and author, and Story Structure is a must-have book for new and seasoned writers alike.”
—International bestselling author Diane Chamberlain
Stealing Hollywood


Stealing Hollywood

This fully revised and expanded workbook has all of the basic material of the first two workbooks and double the content, plus ten full story structure breakdowns. The print workbook comes in 8 x 10 textbook format and lies open beautifully for highlighting and scribbling in the margins.

Are you finally committed to writing that novel but have no idea how to get started? Or are you a published author—but know you need some plotting help to move your books and career up to that next level?

Screenwriting is a compressed and dynamic storytelling form and the techniques of screenwriting are easily adaptable to novel writing. You can jump-start your plot and bring your characters and scenes vibrantly alive on the page—by watching your favorite movies and learning from the storytelling tricks of great filmmakers.

With this workbook, based on award-winning author/ screenwriter Alexandra Sokoloff’s internationally acclaimed Screenwriting Tricks For Authors blog and workshops, you’ll learn how to use techniques of film writing such as:

  • the High Concept Premise
  • the Three-Act, Eight-Sequence Structure
  • the Storyboard Grid
  • the Index Card Method of Plotting

As well as tricks of film pacing and suspense, character arc and drive, visual storytelling, and building image systems—to structure and color your novel for maximum emotional impact, unbearable suspense and riveting pacing, no matter what genre you’re writing in.

You’ll create your own personalized workbook of genre tricks based on your favorite books and movies and tailored to your own brand of storytelling, and a collage book to build visual image systems. And the emphasis on premise is invaluable for crafting that all-important query and pitch.

In this rapidly changing world of publishing, more and more agents and editors are looking for novels that have the pacing, emotional excitement, and big, unique, “high concept” premises of Hollywood movies (and the potential for that movie or TV sale!).

Whether you’re just starting to develop a book or script, or rewriting for maximum impact, this workbook will guide you through an easy, effective and fun process to help you make your book or script the best it can be.

Includes detailed film breakdowns and analysis as well as chapters and resources on how to get a literary agent, writing a query letter, professional networking, and screenwriting contests.

Writing Love


Writing Love

Learn how to write your own romance novels or scripts by watching and learning from the romantic movies you love!

From award-winning author and screenwriter Alexandra Sokoloff: the second in her acclaimed Screenwriting Tricks For Authors series, with a special emphasis on writing love stories.

Whether you’re a published author or a brand-new one, this extremely practical and encouraging workbook will take you step by step through the key story elements and techniques of crafting a romance, with examples from romantic comedy, romantic suspense, and romantic adventure, including ten full story breakdowns of popular romantic movies.

Screenwriting is a compressed and dynamic storytelling form that carries enormous emotional power, and the techniques of screenwriting are easily adaptable to novel writing. You can jump-start your plot and bring your characters and scenes vibrantly alive on the page—by watching your favorite movies and learning from the storytelling tricks of the filmmakers YOU love.

Hollywood Versus The Author


Hollywood Versus The Author

Hollywood Versus The Author is a collection of non-fiction anecdotes by authors who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the development room firsthand―some who have successfully managed to straddle the two worlds, seeing their works morph into the kinds of feature films and TV shows that make them proud, and others who stepped blindsided into that room after selling their first or second novels. All the stories in this collection illustrate the great divide between the world of literature and the big or small screen. They underscore the insanity of every crazy thing you’ve ever heard about Hollywood. For insiders and outsiders alike, Hollywood Versus The Author delivers the goods.

With contributions by Michael Connelly, Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins, Alan Jacobson, Andrew Kaplan, Tess Gerritsen, James Brown, Peter James, Rob Roberge, Lee Goldberg, Naomi Hirahara, T. Jefferson Parker, Diana Gould, Joshua Corin, and Alexandra Sokoloff

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