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The Price
The Price
US Paperback

The Price

What would you give to save your child?
Your wife?
Your soul?

Boston's Briarwood Medical Center is a bewildering maze of six separate hospitals symbiotically entwined, connected by glass bridges, underground tunnels, indoor and outdoor gardens—its own self-contained city. But Briarwood, like every hospital, is also a threshold... to the other side.

Idealistic Boston District Attorney Will Sullivan has it all: a beautiful, beloved wife, Joanna; an adorable five-year old daughter, Sydney, and a real shot in the Massachusetts Governor's race. Then Will's life is shattered when Sydney is diagnosed with a malignant, inoperable tumor. Now Will and Joanna are living at Briarwood Hospital, waiting for their daughter to die. Joanna is slowly losing her mind with grief and Will himself starts to question his own sanity. He has begun to see bizarre and inexplicable things around him—patients disappearing from elevators, monstrous nuns watching from the shadows.

The strange occurrences seem to center around a charismatic counselor named Salk, who befriends Will and talks mysteriously about the power of faith to heal. But when Sydney suddenly, miraculously begins to improve, Will suspects that Joanna has made a terrible bargain to save their daughter's life. Now he must race to uncover the truth in order to save them all.

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The Harrowing UK
UK Paperback

"Some of the most original and freshly unnerving work in the genre."
   —The New York Times Book Review

"A medical thriller of the highest order... a stunning, riveting journey into terror and suspense."
   —Michael Palmer, bestselling author of The Fifth Vial

"A psychological roller coaster that keeps the reader on edge with bone-chilling thrills throughout. I couldn't put it down."
   —Heather Graham, bestselling author of The Seance

"Beyond stunning, it is harrowing in the real sense of true art."
   —Ken Bruen, bestselling author of Priest

"A sublime second novel . . . Rest assured that Sokoloff will suffer none of the signs or symptoms of a sophomore slump with this confident follow-up to her Stoker-nominated debut... Her gooseflesh-inducing imagery jumps right off the pages, and her rich, graceful prose calls to mind names like King, Saul, and Levin."
   —Dark Scribe Magazine

"The Price is a gripping read full of questions about good, evil and human nature... the devastating conclusion effectively leaves the reader with an uncomfortable question to consider: 'If everyone has a price, what's yours?'"
   —Rue Morgue Magazine

"Sokoloff's straightforward writing style perfectly enhances her chilling and mysterious novel, in which she blurs the lines between what is real and what is merely a hallucination."
   —Romantic Times

St. Martin's Press, Hardcover, February 2008, ISBN: 9780312357511
St. Martin's Paperbacks, Mass Market Paperback, December 2008, ISBN: 9780312357504