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Alex is an internationally acclaimed story structure teacher and workshop leader. She has presented her Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshop for conferences such as Left Coast Crime, Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, PASIC, YARWA, West Texas A&M Writers Academy, and numerous small conferences and weekend retreats throughout the country.

Alex's extensive background in theater, screenwriting and novel writing makes her uniquely qualified to teach story. Film structure is easily adaptable to novel writing and her emphasis on taking inspiration from favorite movies to unlock the secrets of story structure resonates with writers of all levels of experience.

Screenwriters Writing Love

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors Workbooks

All the information from Alex's workshops and blogs, compiled in a practical, comprehensive format, with writing assignments targeted to help you develop a premise, outline your book, write the #$%%^&$ thing, and rewrite—and even have fun along the way.

Screenwriting Tricks For Authors
Writing Love

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors Workshops

Alex's dynamic, interactive workshops have energized and inspired aspiring and professional writers alike.

The workshops are presented in two-hour, full-day, or weekend format. Alex has limited availability to teach during the year; if you are interested in booking a workshop, please email her.

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors blog

Alex regularly blogs on story structure and visual storytelling techniques at her Screenwriting Tricks for Authors blog. Try these articles to get started!

Table of Contents
How to Use This Website
What is the Three-Act Structure and Why Should You Care?
The Three-Act, Eight Sequence Structure
What's Your Premise?
The Index Card Method and Story Structure Grid